FAQ Virtual Attendence

As a virtual attendee you will be able to consume content in two different ways:  

  • Zoom Highlight Sessions – simulate an in-person meeting with presentation followed by time for Q&A. 
  • Infovaya On-Demand Platform – access papers, videos, and slides at any time that is convenient.  

Each flavor is unique and the FAQ provides recommendations on how to get the most out of the technical program.

Stay up-to-date by following us on Twitter (#IV2020), using Slack, and through the website.  

Note: access to Zoom and Slack can be found through Infovaya and should have been sent through email for security.

Zoom – Highlight Sessions

Highlight sessions are analogous to oral sessions at a typical meeting.  Authors will have an opportunity to present their work through their pre-recorded presentation and interact with the audience through short Q&A.

The full Highlight schedule can be accessed through the Program link on the main conference website or in Infovaya’s Session calendar view.  There are generally 3 hours of AM sessions and 2 hours of PM sessions per day in a single-track.  This means, you can see every presentation with a little planning.  The two blocks were organized so that authors should have their presentation during their local “business” hours.  You can add the full session (red box) or individual presentations using the Agenda add icon.

While in a Zoom session, you should keep your microphone muted unless called upon to ask a question by the session chair.  You can get attention either by using the Chat or by Raising your hand.  The instructions differ depending on your device. For computers, you’ll want to make sure you open the participant list and look for the raise hand button on the bottom right.

The virtual format provides new technology to support session interaction.  Authors will be available to answer questions even during the presentation in the Chat and additionally in real-time via the IV2020 Slack #sessions channel.  Feel free to come a little early and stay a little late to hang out and chat with friends and colleagues.

We recommend you create a Zoom account to personalize your appearance in the room.  You can set your name and profile picture to make it easier to “see” and interact. 

Infovaya – On-Demand Platform

While the Infovaya platform does have an app (it might seem familiar for previous IV or ITSC attendees), the virtual On-Demand program is best experienced using a non-mobile device.  There are many ways to explore the technical content including through the categorized Sessions or by searching for individual Presentations.  We highly recommend trying the Digest format which provides an easy access overview of topics (Themes) and a very convenient interface for browsing papers, slides, and videos. 

Of course, one missing element from On-Demand viewing of presentations is the face-to-face interaction of a typical conference.  While there will be no way to recreate the intimate experience of IV’s usual Poster Sessions, conversations can be had asynchronously through the Infovaya platform.  Each Session and Presentation has a Comments box on the bottom of the page.  Authors will be regularly checking their Presentation page to answer any questions that come-up in offline viewing.  The full conversation will be visible to all attendees for more collaborative discussions. 

Please note the Comments are asynchronous and require the Refresh button to be pressed to load new comments without complete refresh of the page.