Announcements from IV2020 organizing committee

[Oct 24, 2020] Afternoon sessions have been moved forward one hour (all in Las Vegas time UTC-7) from 2pm-4pm to 3pm-5pm for Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4. Check out IV2020’s Program page for an updated program overview.

[Oct 19, 2020] Check out IV2020’s Social Program.  Take part in the Women in IV event or sign-up to participate in a Trivia Night (with prizes!)

[Oct 18, 2020] IMPORTANT: Please send an email to if you registered before Oct 17 but did not receive access to the Infovaya site.  There seems to be a bug in the Papercept registration site that affects some users.  If your invoice has a long list of repeated items this may include you.

[Oct 18, 2020] Highlight Sessions to start in less than 12 hours.  Be sure to follow the Program on Infovaya. The Zoom video conference link is available at the top after you enter a Session.  You will also have full access to papers, slides, and pre-recorded presentations on-demand through Infovaya.

[Oct. 17, 2020] IV2020 is starting this Monday, October 19th, check out the virtual attendee’s instructions to get familiarized with the platforms and the mechanisms of the conference on this link.

[Oct. 13, 2020] Check out the keynote presenters and plan ahead to attend.

[Sept. 30, 2020] Today is the video upload deadline.  Please be patient if you get a “Error loading playlist load error: File not found” as this shows up while the video is prepared for the online system.  Give it some 15 minutes to complete to verify upload.

[Sept. 24, 2020] Infovaya virtual platform is officially open! Login to access your IV2020 profile and upload your presentation. 

[Sept. 20, 2020] Video presentation upload delayed to Sept. 30 while Infovaya system setup is finalized.  Full upload instructions will be available this week.

[Sept. 13, 2020] For authors and participants:
1) Virtual presentation instructions here Right pointing backhand index
2) Overview of extended 4-week online streaming session here Right pointing backhand
3) Registration for virtual attendees now open Right pointing backhand index

[Aug 3, 2020] IV2020 is going fully virtual:
Due to restrictions on travel, limitations on meeting size, and associated uncertainty, an in-person meeting is no longer viable.  Registration costs will be adjusted accordingly and refunds will be processed starting this week.  The virtual program and final presentation instructions will be posted in the coming week.  The proceedings are expected to go to IEEE this month. 

[May, 2020]:
IV2020 will be delayed until October, 2020. Publications schedule will continue for the June timeline. Registration for final upload (May 15) will be delayed two weeks to May 15. For more information visit our Travel safety and COVID-19 page.

[May 5th, 2020]:
You must update your paper information in the final submission system to have the correct number of pages available for registration.  Failure to do the update will lock you out of paper upload due to missing extra pages fee.

[May 4th, 2020]:
Only Author Paper Upload option is now open, in-person add-on fee to be made available at a later date.

Clarification: Final submissions (Contributed and Workshop Papers) deadline is May 8.

IV2020 will be delayed until October 2020 (dates to be finalized). Publications schedule will continue for the June timeline. Registration for final upload will be delayed two weeks to May 8.

With the rapid spread of Covid-19 the conference organizers are exploring all options to ensure the health and safety of our community. Registration will be delayed as options to modify the meeting are explored. We appreciate your patience and understand your concern for making preparations. Full details are expected by April 7.